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Entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk. Gagan Dhawan is one such well-established businessman with unusual market intelligence, creative concepts, and a sharp eye for information. He is already active in many big corporations as a shareholder. He started his career in 1999 with his printing company, RHI Printographics. He quickly flourished through state-of-the-art printing machines imported from abroad and with his zeal, incredible communications, and diplomatic abilities to conquer the domestic and foreign sector with luxurious customers including BMW, Moet Hennessey, Swaroski, Kama Ayurveda to mention a few. Empowered by the performance of his debut company, Mr. Dhawan became part of many corporations, including Metis Learning Solutions Private Limited, as well as Leapfrog Productions. Ayana Marbles entered his business portfolio in January 2015. Being the producer of a film with a social message released in 2014 Gagan Dhawan garnered more success through his relentless effort to gain greater popularity with each moving venture.

He curated and introduced a health and wellness brand “The New Me” in June 2020, with the slogan “The first step in going somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Gagan Dhawan

RHI Printographics is one of the biggest commercial printers in the country. RHI Printographics is today, after a two-decade journey originating from modest origins, a multi-locational leader providing offset printing services and solutions. The services include multicolor offset printing, photo printing, UV printing, wireless leaf printing, as well as all the related offerings to their customers over the years for their maximum benefit.We provide unit producing in house graphics worthy of modeling, photo retouching, proofing every form of job assigned to us utilizing high-end PCs as well as Macintosh machines. There is a coordinated proofing method for translating the required job into print with proofing reasons. We recognize the complete specifications of the client and endeavor to maximize the print project design-be its scale, paper quality, in order to reduce costs and deliver the best-in-class package. We consider our customers as our friends and are also called upon to engage in important phases of print manufacturing and preparation. We share our expertise and experience with our customers and also recommend important ideas that improve our customers’ value proposition.

With a dream of reaching the maximum degree of product consistency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we at RHI Printographics aspire to bring creative concepts constantly to our partners.RHI Printographics is rising as a team effort of all our partners and is recording a scorching rate of development and will aspire to keep doing that in the future too.

At RHI Printographics, we can’t waste any effort to guarantee full consumer service through:

  • Partnership with our clients to deliver cost-effective, prompt & world-class printing services.
  • Seeking positive workplace interest & involvement at all stages.
  • Investigating & developing aggressively in technologies to constantly boost efficiency & profitability.
  • Treating Development Vendors as Associates.
  • Ensuring full justice in conformity with all civil & regulatory criteria in all transactions.
  • Contributing positively to the Culture.


To provide our customers with end-to-end printing and packaging solutions by designing at some of the most affordable rates technical, advanced, and defect-free products.


To be the world’s chosen collaborators for any company and aim to set a precedent for our qualitative, accurate, practical, scalable, and personalized solutions.

Core values

  • Consistency: Our job emphasis is on becoming a trustworthy partner/vendor for all of our customers. For prompt distribution and defect-free goods, you may rely on us.
  • Creativity: We invest in achieving excellence in our skills in a growing region. We are continually working to come up with creative, out-of-box approaches that enable us to bring value to the company of our customers.
  • Customer-Centric: Our primary aim is to offer premium end-to-end printing and packaging facilities to please our clients. Customer loyalty is key, and our offerings are committed to the extra mile.

NEWS & Article About Gagan Dhawan

gagan dhawan

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gagan dhawan

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Technologies used by RHI Printographics - Promoted by Gagan Dhawan

RHI Printographics offers leading commercial offset print services.

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